Performance Opportunities at MANHATTAN MUSIC

Music is a universal and unbiased multivitamin, a lifeline and to some, even a cure. It is a language common to every human culture that helps us make sense of the world. Music education aids communication, cooperation and development of creativity by fostering pure expression. Collaboration in music provides a sense of being part of something larger than oneself, cultivating true teamwork in a unique way. There is an abundance of therapeutic benefits gained through music education, it powerfully resolves and evokes emotions in a way like nothing else.

At MANHATTAN MUSIC, we believe that the pleasure in performing live music cannot be underestimated. Performance is a very important element to the education we provide as a music school. We host two annual performance events: The Vocal Concert or “The Voice” and The Band Workshop – or “The Greatest Show on Earth”.

The Vocal Concert provides opportunity for our vocal students to perform solo on stage, and learn how to carry oneself as a performer, not just a singer. Students participating in the show undergo specific performance preparation with their vocal coach and develop their sense of self. Generally speaking we host two shows – a day and matinee show, to accommodate for all ages and participation. This is the preliminary step for Band Workshops.

The ‘Band Workshop’ program instills values of organisation, attentiveness and musical compromise. The skill of rehearsing a repertoire is then adaptable for future live performance in an ensemble or band situation. Plentiful musical styles are explored through the program and where possible, students are grouped with students of similar ability and age in order to maximise their performance opportunities.

“It is only through performance that they learn how to listen to other players and experiment. They get a chance to express themselves and a better understanding of their contribution to the music they are performing, which I think ultimately attributes to their understanding and expression of self.” – Gino, Manhattan Music Founder.  Dream of performing on stage? Let us help you become a Rockstar!

MANHATTAN MUSIC – 15 years of providing quality music tuition and performance opportunity to communities such as Greensborough, Eltham, Hurstbridge, Montmorency, Rosanna, Research, Diamond Creek, Bundoora, Briar Hill, Doncaster, Doreen, South Morang, Templestowe, Doncaster and Bulleen.