Some Tips For New Drummers

Learning the Drums? We have a few tips.

If you have just started drum lessons or are thinking about starting, it can seem a little overwhelming at first. We’ve listed a few tips below to help get you started.

Give It Time:

One of the first things to realise when you start playing the drums is that it is going to take time. You will find yourself getting frustrated at times, but with regular practice, things will start to come together pretty quickly. Don’t approach your drumming with too many conditions. Be like a sponge and soak up as much information as you can. You will be holding a rhythm and nailing some fills in no time.

Regular Practice:

Generally the best option is to set yourself a 30-60 minute practice time most days. It will help develop muscle memory quicker without the fatigue of a 3 hour session. The more you practice, the better you will get, but regular practice is the key. If you struggle to find time, a good thing with learning to play the drums is that you can practice even without a drum kit! Get yourself a pad and some sticks and practice those paradiddles!


One common mistake is when new players try to play faster than they can play accurately. There is no point playing fast if you are hitting the wrong note/drum, or if your rhythm is not good. There is no problem starting out playing your practice beats and later, favourite songs, at a slower than normal tempo, focusing on accuracy rather than speed. Learning to play accurately will help improve your overall drumming ability, and set good behaviours moving forward.

Learn to keep time:

Get yourself a metronome! You can use it to practice along with a regular and specific beat.  The drummer (along with bass) is the rhythm section of any band; it’s your job to keep the time. Learning to play in time is very important. Practice keeping time with the songs you hear on the radio, this is a great way to learn because the work is already done for you by more experienced drummers.

Above are just a few tips that might help if you are just starting out. If you are looking for a Music School in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs to learn the drums, MANHATTAN MUSIC  is the place to go! Keep an eye out for future blog posts on beginner tips for Guitar, Drums and Bass guitar lessons.